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We know you are “in the truck” now because here is the place where we will post events and news for our chapters, your chapters, across the country. Check here for the latest event schedules and dates both for your chapter and others as they supply them to us. We invite them to post their PR news as well. See something interesting your chapter would like to try, don’t be hesitant to call and see how they organize and run them? Check the “Turnin-The-Dirt“™© section for on the ground projects accomplished or underway.

Generating revenue for “Turnin-The-Dirt“™© at the local, grass roots level by the chapters and doing the work locally is what QUWF is all about. Our members want to get out there and make a difference, spending time in the great outdoors preserving our natural heritage of upland wildlife doing projects that have an immediate impact. If you have not joined a chapter, please do. You will find great people with a common cause for upland wildlife and having a lot of fun at the same time.

It will make you feel better knowing you are helping every time you go a field.

Chapters are listed by State, so select the state you wish to view and then the chapter you wish to view. This is constantly changing as we add new chapters so please be patient as we construct and update this portion of the QUWF site.

Eastern Region:
Virgina, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

Central Region:
Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Louisana, Indiana, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee

Midwest Region:
Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Colorada, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Nebraska

Western Region:
Arizona, Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Idaho

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“Making a Difference For Wildlife, One Acre at a Time”™

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