QUWF Services

QUWF is working very hard for wildlife habitat and for conservationists, like you, who make the habitat restoration a reality. As part of this elite group we welcome you to the QUWF Services section where we will break out our various topics for you. We know this will better serve your needs and allow an expansion of topics for our members, chapters, partners and sponsors. It does not matter if your passion is quail, pheasant, whitetail deer, mule deer, grouse, turkey or duck, whatever you like to dedicate your time and efforts to in upland wildlife, we are there with you. Our chapters and members are working on all of these and more. We are the only multi-specie organization, period. Others have tried to expand their single focus since we formed, but the fact is they are set up for one species, we are looking at the bigger picture and you should be too!

Careers with the QUWF Team are totally dedicated to conservation of our upland wildlife and its habitat working with private and public landowners coast to coast. We are a tax exempt, 501(c) (3) not-for-profit Corporation dedicated to the habitat restoration and population recovery of the wild quail and upland species.

Be a part of an influential group that has a passion for preserving our nation’s wildlife. Show our members across the country that your company, product or service is dedicated to wildlife recovery and preserving an American Heritage of hunting and the outdoor experience. Our members, from North Carolina to California, strive to protect quail and other upland game and you can contribute to their efforts. Read more

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