Turnin-the Dirt™

As the old saying goes in Missouri “Show Me”! This “Turnin-the Dirt™” section does just that. Here we show and tell what our chapters and members are up to based on submitted Habitat Reports received at National. By reporting to us what they have done, others can see and better plan for their projects and undertakings getting more ideas as a chapter, member or landowner.

Show us the dirty hands, dusty equipment and broad smiles as you do what we were formed for, Turning-The-Dirt™ for habitat and upland wildlife. Take lots of photos in JPEG format, others will want to see. You may have reached out for our youth or young adults, taught snake avoidance classes, hunter safety classes or worked on guzzlers in our National Forests; we want to share your accomplishments. Get your chapter to submit your Habitat Reports today.

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