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Be a part of an influential group that has a passion for preserving our nation’s wildlife. Show our members across the country that your company, product or service is dedicated to wildlife recovery. Our members, from North Carolina to California, strive to protect quail and other upland game and you can contribute to their efforts.

The “Whistle Call ™,” our monthly newsletter is sent to members and supporters featuring a habitat focus and a common sense approach. By advertising in the “Whistle Call ™” your advertisements have the potential to reach a wide audience that exceeds beyond members to corporate companies, government agencies and educational programs.

The QUWF Web site is quickly becoming the place to find the latest in habitat news and information. We have seen a significant increase in monthly views and you can take advantage of quwf.net’s popularity by placing an advertisement with us.

For more information about advertising with QUWF download the PDF version of our Advertising Rate Cards below.

Send all submissions to: Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc. ™ at P.O. Box 947, Buffalo, MO 65622. Click here to email us.

Advertising Rate Cards: Click here to download.

Welcome, the old expression, “you cannot catch any fish if your line is not in the water” applies here. In order to improve wildlife habitat for the wild quail, dove, deer, turkey, rabbits or song birds you have to get involved and learn what it takes and maybe grab a shovel or jump on a tractor with us.

Your involvement, and that of your family, starts with a membership and can grow into everything you want it to be. By signing up as a member you will receive the Whistle Call and other important news automatically. When signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email that you must respond to which activates your subscription.

Caution: This is a passion, learning to help wildlife is known to be very addictive, and gratifying and can become a lifestyle, worthy of significant photography, a connection with the land for you and your family that God gave us all. Enjoy the experience.

What will your new Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation membership provide?

  • Receive the “Whistle Call” newsletter and “Turnin’ the Dirt” Newspaper
  • Get your membership card and decal
  • Receive future sponsor discounts on products and services
  • Take advantage of membership insurance including NEW Preferred Land Owner, Preferred Lodge and Guide coverage that will include personal gun insurance options. Download Gun Floater Application
  • Enjoy project insurance with your chapter when you perform habitat work in the field for edge feathering, installing fire lines, food plots or performing controlled burns. This also includes outreach programs for youth and the communities you live in.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of the annual banquet and fund raising activities like sporting clays, youth events, cowboy shoots that put dollars into habitat work, “Turnin-The-Dirt”™ for wildlife
  • Work with your chapter to develop good habitat projects, get the whole family involved

Learn “how to” put in wildlife improvements in your area with your chapter to include;

  • Water sources in the west
  • Oak and or pine savannas
  • Perform edge feathering
  • Converts to native warm season grasses
  • Maximize cost share programs at the state and federal level
  • Food plots as part of a total habitat plan
  • Be trained on performing controlled burns for wildlife
  • So much more, join us, “get in the truck”!

OK, if you are a conservationist, we think you can jump in the truck with us, fill out the membership form (other memberships available below) and make a donation to help restore the wild quail and upland wildlife habitat. We cannot do this without you, and you will enjoy the trip, it’s a hoot!

Commit to Conservation with a Tax Deductible Founding Lifetime Membership or Lifetime Patriot Membership.

Thank you, now it is time to “get in the truck” and join. Click the Become a Member button below and choose a QUWF membership option. Thank you for your support…

Careers with the QUWF Team are totally dedicated to conservation of our upland wildlife and its habitat working with private and public landowners coast to coast. We are a tax exempt, 501(c) (3) not-for-profit Corporation dedicated to the habitat restoration and population recovery of the wild quail and upland species.

QUWF is a drug free, non-smoking company who honors and respects our veterans, our flag and our responsibility to our country. We work hard, play when we can and take humor in ourselves. Our Christian faith is a guiding principle that keeps our lives focused on what our Lord created in us and the environment.

We offer three types of work with QUWF.

  1. Regional Directors
  2. National Staff
  3. Volunteers

Contact us today about a very rewarding career with Quail & Upland Wildlife Federation.

Working For Wildlife! – HELP US NOW. – Donate Today!

That is what we are all about. Finishing 2011, our numbers show the $4.82 million dollars representing QUWF in fiscal year 2011, less than 5% was used for admin and support costs. That is a strong statement of staying the course, honoring your public trust in us and that the super majority of the money stayed at the local level and “turned-the-dirt” through our chapters and members.

In 2012 our QUWF national board expanded to twice its size now including representation from each region of the country and they approved adding two more Regional Director positions going forward consistent with the meeting theme “It’s Time to Grow”.

I truly believe we are the best not-for-profit organization in controlling dollars and ensuring we never forget why we are here, for our chapters and members to work on the preservation of upland wildlife habitat and population recovery.

We do need your continued support, though we stretch every penny as far as we can, without your continued contributions, we cannot get the job done.

Please, consider now an additional tax deductible donation to QUWF and help get a new member!

I know it is never easy, but I want you to know our staff is totally dedicated to our mission, our members and our chapters second to none, and gives all it can, all the time.

Every penny, every penny counts, thank you for the support of upland wildlife and our mission to preserve it for our sons, daughters and grandchildren.

Truly yours in conservation, Thank You,

Craig A. Alderman, Executive Director

We have a great team at QUWF, talented, dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to solve challenges of our chapters. While having a great time knowing we are supporting a national structure of chapters and volunteers, we know we are making a difference. Through our RDs and high energy staff, we provide support 24/7 because volunteers may have different hours to support conservation than a standard 8 to 5 structure. Our National Office is proudly located in rural Buffalo, Missouri and we tend to look in our local area for national staff, but that is not to say we would not entertain a qualified individual from anywhere in the U.S.

We require our staff to possess degrees in wildlife, forestry, agricultural, with some journalism positions or have extensive experience applicable to the open job. All staff members must be very proficient at the latest versions of Microsoft Office Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Adobe. Some positions may require Photoshop, and Publisher knowledge and MAC systems for newsletter, newspaper and magazine creation. All Directors, the Chief Biologist and the Office General Manager report to the Executive Director, all other positions report to the Office General Manager.

Going in, our main purpose above all is to support the efforts and guide the direction of our chapters. In our business model, they, our chapters and members, make it happen, they “get-in-the-truck”™ for conservation and “turn-the-dirt”™ with habitat projects, outreach and youth programs that literally save our hunting and wildlife heritage.

The road warriors and backbone of QUWF. We develop territories for our Regional Directors; called RDs, based on the number of working chapters and members in the designated area he or she will cover, to offset the expense of the position.

The QUWF RD, based in his/her territory, must have a wildlife, forestry or agricultural degree or significant experience in the conservation field as a regional director/chapter manager. They must have a true passion for our great outdoors and want to make a difference through the chapters and volunteer members they will work with. RDs must have an above average ability to use Microsoft Office to include Outlook, Excel, Word, and especially PowerPoint having very good computer skills including the latest versions of Adobe. The love of hunting and the shooting sports goes without saying, including a passion for our canine buddies afield. High ethics, a bubbling-outgoing personality and a strong moral and Christian compass help round out the personality a QUWF RD represents with a strong dose of patience.

An RD delivers great support to our chapters, is a coach, teacher, problem solver, mediator, superb communicator, banquet Emcee, silent and live auction arranger, banner guru, habitat planner, photographer, writer, budget manager and that is in his or her morning hours. The RD also searches out state and federal grants for his region and chapters working with any and all sources of funding and helping write and execute grants. The RD does what it takes to support the chapters and QUWF, it is definitely not an 8 to 5 job, and like a good country doctor, is “on call” when the need arises to the chapters.

The manager of his or her territory, the QUWF RD has the management responsibility of up to some 35 to 40 chapters and the State Councils, which by definition, have the same requirements as a chapter under the 501(c)(3) rules and regulations.

The RD helps build and manage the regional QUWF Habitat Improvement Teams™ and seed programs in concert with national sponsors, national staff and the local chapters. “Turnin’-the-Dirt” ™ is what we do!

The RD is the eyes and ears of QUWF in the field helping to build on chapter success, overcome challenges and “Turn-the-Dirt”™ for upland wildlife fully coordinating with our national staff. All RDs report directly to the QUWF Director of Chapter Development with a dotted line to the Executive Director of QUWF. This is a road warrior, not an office hound.

Send Resume’s: Click Here

“Get-n-the-truck”™ for conservation.

The true grass root conservationists of this great county, we actively encourage all to volunteer at the chapter level by joining your local chapter or form a new one and find out how fast you can make a difference in the habitat and its wildlife. You will be amazed how fast things will happen and how much of a difference you can make in your local community, NOW!

Share the passion and lifestyle of conservation, agriculture, hunting and the great outdoors with those like yourself, who truly care about making a difference for upland habitat and all its wildlife. Show your children and grandchildren the value of our lands and waters, let them plant for wildlife; they will see the difference they can make!

Whether your interest lies in habitat restoration, wildlife population recovery, wildlife photography, youth outreach and education, hunter safety training, dog training, it all comes together with QUWF chapters. And, QUWF is the only multi-specie organization out there. If you like wing shooting, no one can do it without quail, dove, prairie chickens, pheasant, grouse, ducks , geese or if you like spring turkey, the boss gobblers, all need the right habitat. Gotta bug for white tail, mule deer, black tail or elk, it is a great plan with QUWF that includes all the species as you work on habitat and the impact is local, fast,  and all the time,  with your money.

If you are not already a member don’t wait another second, you can join right now online, get involved, “get-n-the-truck”™ for conservation. Our web site lists the chapters with contact information or drop us an email and we will get the ball rolling.

We need your help! Join QUWF Today!

“Making a Difference For Wildlife, One Acre at a Time”™

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