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Welcome to the future of upland wildlife restoration, QUWF.

As a leading habitat organization, QUWF wants to offer you the opportunity to manage your business or property in a more secure and professional way, simply, a choice for your consideration. We have negotiated with Sportsman’s Insurance, our partner, for a master policy that offers you the ability to receive liability insurance customized for your property, that would provide coverage if you lease any portion of your lands to hunting or habitat work and hunting.

If you are a private land owner and wish to lease your lands, or portions of your lands, the customized liability coverage adds a greater sense of security for hunting of upland game. This policy includes active hunting for all upland species from quail and dove to pheasant, deer turkey and duck.

Further, by completing the Landowner Membership with QUWF , you have the option of posting your information on our web site for all sportsman to see and will receive a certificate of membership for your office or lodge lobby. Landowner’s with lodges can also apply for this liability coverage by adding the information on the form and sending it in, it is as easy as that to get a quote.

Guides and Outfitters:

Our greatest ambassadors in the field are the guides and outfitters who bring thousands of sportsmen into contact with our wildlife and the great outdoors and help perpetuate a sense of heritage in the hunting privilege.

Now, under our master policy, we also would like to offer these hardworking individuals liability insurance for them while conducting and guiding their clients on leased lands or their own lands. Simply become a Guide and Outfitter Member of QUWF (download PDF) by sending in a $100.00 membership fee and then fill out the application (download PDF) for liability insurance for a quote customized to your needs.

Membership in QUWF Landowner or Guide and Outfitter liability coverage under our master policy, is not and does not in any way constitute an endorsement or recommendation of your land, facilities or services by QUWF, its affiliates, sponsors, staff or volunteers.

If you are interested in the policies and coverage, please fill out the Preferred Landowner or Guide membership application each downloadable as a PDF, and include a fee of $275.00 for Land Owners or Land Owner’s with Lodges and or $100.00 if you are a Guide or Outfitter and send them to QUWF, P.O. Box 947, Buffalo MO 65622. Then fill out the liability insurance application (downloadable as a PDF above) and send or fax it to Sportsman’s Insurance, 1364 N. U.S. 1, Suite 503, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, and fax: 386-677-3292 for a quote customized to your information.

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