The Dog Kennel

Welcome to the QUWF Dog Kennel! This section of our conservation web site is dedicated to the passion and love sportsmen and sportswomen have for their dogs. Plain and simple, time afield with a hunting dog, or dogs, is an experience in and of itself that must be honored for the joy it brings to owners and dogs alike.

The habitat we work so hard for provides the proper landscape to experience the best hunts over your favorite dog, and make no mistake, hunting over good bird dogs or with a baying beagle is the best!

That is the purpose of this section, to honor our members with dogs who spend cherished hours training, working and hunting with their dogs. As any dog owner will tell you “it does not get any better than this”.

From pointers, flushers, retrievers and the dedicated working dogs, the “Dog Kennel” will provide:

  • listing of participating member kennels
  • tips on training, sources of training
  • products and equipment specifically for your dogs
  • upcoming dog events
  • sources of help and assistance
  • medical guidance and tips
  • nutrition
  • New Corporate Sponsors who specifically support the QUWF chapters and members with dogs
  • and of course stories and photos from the field, farm and ranch
  • QUWF Emergency Kennel Notices, recalls, special notices, things you as a dog owner need to know and act on. These will also be sent out as an emergency email if you are a member and have signed up for the “Whistle Call” newsletter on this site.

This is your site, please let us know your chapter’s plans and activities with regard to dog events and we will post it for you here. We also encourage the submission of good articles on dog handling, training and care; to send all your articles (with photos no larger than 3 Meg JPG) Click Here

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