Ruffed Grouse Restocking Approved

Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation Reaches Conservation Milestone, Ruffed Grouse Restocking Plan Moves Forward.

Buffalo MO: Challenged by many wildlife issues, using its local and focused approach to wildlife restoration across the U.S., QUWF is very proud to announce a major conservation achievement in its wildlife conservation efforts. “After nearly a decade of intense habitat preparation using intensive Timber Stand Improvement and Shelter-wood cutting, the Missouri Department of Conservation has approved, and the Conservation Commission supports, the re-stocking program for the native wild ruffed grouse” Craig Alderman announced.  “The ruffed grouse has experienced a significant decline due to habitat loss and was about to totally expire in the state when the QUWF Grouse chapter with QUWF National picked up the gauntlet and worked to restore nearly 90,000 prime acres for the grouse” Craig explains. Read More

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