The Habitat Guide – Special Edition

Special Edition Winter 2017
QUWF Announces Transforming Wildlife Habitat Wagon

“One of our goals at QUWF is to provide solutions for landowners, farmers and sportsman to working in the woods or fields for wildlife while at the same time, finding ways to involve an entire chapter, families and sportsman as well. Many times I did not carry or bring the right tools, carried them in the bucket of the tractor or on the ATV only to find I forgot something and there is never enough room” explains Craig. “I never had a totally good and safe way to haul people or a crew comfortably with all that equipment without creating a wagon train. After much research looking for the right wagon or trailer, nothing fit the bill, and I mean nothing.

In fact, most running gear was too light for real work in the woods and was more of a weekend toy than a real solution. Giving up on a production wagon, the search began for the right running gear. “I have designed and built many wagons on the farm for most any use but the right gear, the frame, wheels and of course the weight abilities, govern the creations and final uses. I found an agricultural compact running gear made by Premier Manufacturing of Illinois. With high floatation tires, 3,000 pound capacity, a 2 “ inch ball hitch option and a frame set up perfectly for maneuvering on twisting wood roads being pulled by an ATV, UTV or small tractor” Craig states. It should be mentioned this wagon pulls exceptionally easy. Read More

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